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Structural & Rot Repair

Structural and rot damage, from moisture or insects, can affect homeowners of any age home. 

While more common in historic homes, we see many newer homes with sagging floor or cracked plaster walls, caused by undersized structural framing, or areas that are rotting out due to poor design or improper installation of materials.

Unfortunately, structural and rot repair is not a standard home improvement project. There is no quick fix solution, which makes it a particularly overwhelming task for the homeowner. Many contractors are not equipped to deal with structural and rot repair, because of the complexity. Jacking up your home to address structural issues should not be attempted by the inexperienced.

At HRH Construction Inc., we have years of experience with difficult and complex projects, and we embrace the challenge. We spend a considerable amount of time investigating the problem to determine both the cause, and our repair approach. We work closely with skilled structural engineers, to ensure that the repair is structurally sound, is approved by the local building department, and most importantly, will keep you and your family safe.

Don’t wait to address your structural and rot repair issues and don’t entrust the structure of your home with the inexperienced. If you’re having trouble finding a competent and experienced contractor, willing to tackle your structural or rot repair project, contact us today by filling out our contact form, or calling us directly at 978-314-7263.


Historical Structure Repair

HRH Construction Inc. specializes in historical structure repair, and have been doing these types of projects for decades. We work within established guidelines and standards that allow us to balance the need to preserve a building’s historic structure and provide long-term solutions for modern care and protection. From the planning stage through to the final product, no company is better qualified to deal with the technical and aesthetic challenges of restoring historical structures.

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