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Historical Structure Remodeling

HRH Construction Inc. specializes in historical structure repair, and have been doing these types of projects for decades.

We work within established guidelines and standards that allow us to balance the need to preserve a building’s historic structure and provide long-term solutions for modern care and protection. From the planning stage through to the final product, no company is better qualified to deal with the technical and aesthetic challenges of restoring historical structures.

We view historic buildings as a physical link to the past, which is why our process for repairing these places is so rigorous. HRH Construction Inc. preservation professionals have the experience necessary to repair and conserve a wide range of historic buildings. Our extensive research into each individual project allows us to understand what each job will require, from special construction materials to all the areas of the space that will demand the most amount of attention.

Our core values include innovation and complete transparency throughout a project, which allows us to take the time to lovingly and painstakingly restore historic buildings while also keeping in mind the commercial aspects of time and cost efficiency. We recognize the complex work that goes into restoring and reviving these structures, so every project is approached differently. HRH Construction Inc. believes in rehabilitating buildings in ways that are consistent with their character.

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